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Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Coshocton Ohio Hot Air Balloon Festival ~ Save the Date - June 7- 9, 2018

Major Sponsor 12 Years - The Frontier Power Company, Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative 

The Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival is one of the longest running balloon festivals in Ohio. Musical entertainment, carnival rides, craft booths, fireworks, food vendors,night glow, antique flea market, hot air balloon launches (weather permitting), and other family-oriented activities are all part of this free event. FREE ADMISSION 

No Parking Fees 
Location: Coshocton County Fairgrounds, 707 Kenilworth Ave. Coshocton, OH 

Interested Vendors  - 

Food Vendors email inquiries to Tom Roahrig at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Other Vendors Inquiries to Patty Wherley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here for more information.
Entertainment/Musicians inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vendor Information Guidelines 
Vendor Application

Or mail vendor inquiries to Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival Committee, P.O. Box 1062, Coshocton, OH 43812

2017 Balloons & Sponsors

Sean Askren Air Balloon PilotPilot: Sean Askren

Hometown: Middletown, OH

Balloon Name: Bohica

Sponsor:  Doug Marmie, State Farm Insurance 

Trivia: Sean is the owner of Askren Air, the premier hot air balloon company in southwest Ohio.  Sean loves to fly over the hills and valleys of Coshocton.  He has logged over 2000 hour in a hot air balloon and serves as the safety officer at the Field of Flight in Battle Creek, MI and the Great Texas Balloon Race. Sean loves being Jim Birk's and Patty Cramer's gopher at those events.


Meredith Bennett - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Meredith Bennett

Hometown: Hilliard, OH

Balloon Name: Moonshine

Sponsor: Olde Town Realty

Trivia:  Meredith has been a pilot for 11 years and involved with ballooning for over 13.  Meredith was excited to debut her balloon "Moonshine: last year at the Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival.  The only problem was she had no idea what how it looked until she saw pictures of the launch! She thanks all of the spectators for coming year after year to see the balloons fly and loves flying at Coshocton.

Jim Birk Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot:  Jim Birk

Hometown: Defiance, OH

Balloon Name: Jimbalaya

Sponsor: Coshocton Village Inn & Suites

Trivia:  Jim was the Event Director for the World Championships in 1995 and for numerous US National Championships.  He is excited to get to be on the “other side” at Coshocton and plans to show the younger crowd how to use a paper map and to find the turn using nothing but spit.  Jim is a retired corporate balloon pilot having flown Pepe and the Kroger’s balloon for many years.  He is accompanied by his faithful crew chief and ace crime reporter, Trace.

Andy Barnum - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Andy Barnum

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Balloon Name: Jabberwocky

Sponsor: Five Points Chiropractic

Trivia:  Andy comes from Toledo, Ohio and has been involved in ballooning since he was a young child.  He’s been a balloon pilot for 20 years.  Andy’s day job is flying as a commercial fixed-wing pilot.  His favorite thing about ballooning is spending time with his family and watching his young son, Oscar, fall in love with a sport he has enjoyed his entire life. Andy’s wife, Meghann, and his daughter, Louise, will be helping as crew.

Dave Conrad - Hot Air Balloon Pilot

 Pilot: Dave Conrad

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Balloon Name: Thriller

Sponsor:  AK Steel

Trivia:  Dave is excited to return to the Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival this year.  He is flying “Thriller” in memory of Socrates Rettos who passed away earlier this year.  Dave’s aviation experience is wide and varied – he is certified to fly airplanes, balloons, gliders, and helicopters!  Dave flew worldwide for a large soap company in Cincinnati retiring as a Senior Captain after 30 years of service in 2014 and has recently come out of retirement to fly for PSA Airlines.

Jim Cusick - Hot Air Balloon Pilot


Pilot: Jim Cusick

Hometown: Marysville, OH

Balloon Name: Bolt

Sponsor:  Central Ohio Technical College

Trivia:  Jim has been a pilot since 2004 after years of crewing and learning about ballooning from his father, Rick. Bolt is Jim’s third balloon and the unique design was created when he was 11 years old. Jim is married to his crew chief, Laura, and enjoys sharing ballooning with their sons, Ben and Payton.  The Cusick family now combines camping with ballooning – great way to spend time with family!


Rick Cusick - Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Pilot:  Rick Cusick

Hometown: Lima, Ohio

Balloon Name: Arrythmia

Sponsor:  Alan Donaker Surveying

Trivia:  Rick has been flying in Coshocton since 1987 and really enjoys the people and the flying area.  Retired from Proctor and Gamble, Rick stays busy with part time jobs and finishing up his “to do” lists.  His wife, Pat, has been his longtime crew chief and is proud that she has never once lost him.  The Cusick flying traditions continue with their kids and grandkids all involved     

Paul Dale- Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Pilot: Paul Dale

Hometown: Alliance, OH

Balloon Name: Spitfire

Sponsor:  Scott Boyer, Nationwide Insurance

Trivia:  Paul is a Tool and Die Machinist and is married with three children.  He finished 2nd in the country last year in the BFA HACD rankings.  Paul's goal for 2017 is to place first at Coshocton.  In his spare time, Paul loves to bake and plans to bring one of his famous coconut cream pies to the scoring officials.

Hot Air Balloon Pilot - Mike EmichPilot: Mike Emich

Hometown: Akron, OH

Balloon Name: Updraft

Sponsor:  AK Steel

Trivia:  Mike is a retired firefighter from Akron, Ohio and his first flight was in 1971.  He holds 3 US National and 2 World Records for Distance in a hot air balloon.  Mike designed and built 14 hot air balloons including the one he will be flying this year.  He has developed some great friendships in Coshocton with his local crew.  His wife, Rozanne, is his fabulous crew chief and never forgets the “red cups”.  Mike and Rozanne are enjoying the retirement club.

Hot Air Balloon Pilot - Alex Jonard

 Pilot: Alex Jonard

Hometown: St. Charles, IL

Balloon Name: Zee-nith

Sponsor:  Frontier Propane

Trivia:  Alex was born and raised in Coshocton County and still has family in the area. He got his start in ballooning as an observer along with his dad in 1985 and earned his pilot's license in 1987.  He returns to Coshocton every June to fly its beautiful rolling hills and valleys.  His wife, Monica is his crew chief and they have 2 sons, Alex T and Nick. Alex’s balloon, Zee-nith, is a tribute to his mentor and the founder of the Coshocton Hot Balloon Festival, Professor Z – Bob Zanella.


Hot Air Balloon Pilot - Bill Lavigna

 Pilot: Bill Lavigna

Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH

Balloon Name: Ugliest Duckling


Trivia:  The Ugliest Duckling is the third "Rock and Roll" duck flown by Captain Billy. Bill loves to explore the old buildings in Coshocton and enjoys sharing them with his friends from home. When not flying, he is a dentist in the Cleveland area.


Charlie Mays - Hot Air Balloon PilotName:  Charlie Mays Jr.   

Hometown:  Covington, Kentucky

Balloon Name: 

Sponsor:  Roscoe Motor Inn

Trivia:  This is Charlie’s fifth time flying in Coshocton and he loves the challenge of the hills and the valleys.  Charlie has a balloon ride business in northern Kentucky and comes from a ballooning family.

Tim Midura - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Tim Midura

Hometown: Marshallville, OH

Balloon Name: K-2

Sponsor:  Ashland Balloon Festival

Trivia:  Tim has been a pilot since 1981 and flew the first balloon in Costa Rica.  He is a physician’s assistant. Tim’s wife, Missy, is also a balloon pilot though she will be driving the truck this weekend.

 Ben Miller - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Ben Miller

Hometown: Louisville, OH

Balloon Name: Littlest Angel

Sponsor:  Coshocton KOA

Trivia: Ben recently made a job change and works for a commercial printing company in Canton.  He is married to Megan and they have the most adorable twin three year old daughters, Spencer and Sawyer.  Ben works as a commercial pilot part time for Heaven Bound Ascensions in Akron.  He was the 2010 NOBPA Rookie of the Year and served as the President in 2014.  Ben’s first flight in Coshocton he landed on top of a hill in a field of poison ivy.  Patty Cramer came to the rescue with some magic cream.


Greg Miller - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Greg Miller

Hometown: Grafton, OH

Balloon Name: Eclipse

Sponsor:  Jones Metal

Trivia:  Greg works for the Lubrizol Corporation as a Database Administrator and is a Fireman/Paramedic for his township.  He and his wife, Sherry, have three boys.  Greg has won the Balloon Federation of America Long Jump competition twice.  One of his favorites flights was in Coshocton when he got to see a Bald Eagle flying around the river.

Mike Ruede - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Mike Ruede

Hometown: Orient, OH

Balloon Name: Skydancer


Trivia:  Mike has been involved in ballooning since he took his first flight in 2000. After that flight he began crewing for other pilots until he obtained his private pilot's license in 2003.  He enjoys country flying and is a member of the Columbus Ohio Balloon Club. When not flying, he works in his custom cabinetry woodshop.  This is Mike’s third year flying at Coshocton.

Bob Scobee - Hot Air Balloon Pilot


Name:  Bob Scobee

Hometown:  Marysville, OH

Balloon Name:  Touchstone

Sponsor:  Frontier Power, Your Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Trivia:  Bob and his son, Scott are excited to represent Frontier Power, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative.  Bob runs a certified balloon repair station and operates a balloon ride business, Fly Ohio Ballooning, in Marysville, OH.  He can usually be seen on Buckeye game days flying over the stadium in one of the commercial balloons he operates.

Dan Steeley - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Dan Steeley

Hometown: Beavercreek, OH

Balloon Name: Maybe Not

Sponsor:  Shane Pyle, Raymond James Financial

Trivia:  Dan and his wife Cindy have been involved in ballooning since 2001.  Dan has been flying since 2007 and is employed as the IT Director at LIB Inc., a Dayton-based engineering firm where he has worked for 35 years.  This is Dan’s second time flying in Coshocton.  MAYBE NOT is Dan's newest balloon, the previous one was named Maybe after the rock song, “Maybe I will.”

Maury Sullivan - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Maury Sullivan

Hometown: Canton, OH

Balloon Name: Breaking Wind

Sponsor: Home Loan & Savings Bank 

Trivia:  Maury and his patient and hardworking wife, Lynn, spend the majority of the summer traveling around to balloon events where most of the time they are on the “dark side” as event officials.  Maury has passed along his restaurants (Pancho’s Southwestern Grille in North Canton and Tim’s Tavern in Canton) to his children so he has more time to play and travel.

Ron Terranova - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Ron Terranova

Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

Balloon Name: Adam's Nirvana

Sponsor:  Perfect Power Wash

Trivia:  Ron is a Dad, Husband, Architect, Pilot, Hot-Rodder, and a regular attendee/competitor at many regional ballooning events. One summer night in 1984 he and his wife saw a balloon out flying and they helped pack it up.  From that day forward, he was hooked on ballooning - first as ground crew, then in 1992 he trained and received his pilot's license.

Gary Tyo - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Gary Tyo

Hometown: Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Balloon Name: CarMaKiDrew

Sponsor:  Todd Salmans, DDS

TriviaA Native of North Central Ohio, Gary is a ballooning veteran of 30+ years.  His interest in ballooning came after attending a Festival in 1972, while helping a pilot launch a balloon.  He thought it was a unique and fascinating experience and that he would like to try it some time. Gary is a retired locomotive engineer from New Jersey Transit and now owns and operates Mid-Ohio Balloon Adventures, LLC, a balloon ride business based in Mount Gilead, OH.  The most enjoyable aspect of ballooning for Gary is the excitement it brings to others.  He and his wife, Kim, look forward to participating in the Coshocton Balloon Festival each year.

Wayne Warren - Hot Air Balloon Pilot

 Pilot: Wayne Warren

Hometown: Waterford, MI

Balloon Name: Red Headed Step Child

Sponsor:  Walmart Super Center

Trivia:  Wayne started flying in 1973 and has flown at every balloon event at Coshocton except the first.  His nick-name, The Mad Bomber, is a perfect description of Wayne dropping in on a target.  Wayne built the balloon that he will be flying this year.  He is joined by his crew chief, Linda, and his loyal crew, John and Sherry.

Ted Watts - Hot Air Balloon PilotPilot: Ted Watts

Hometown: Meadville, PA

Balloon Name: Legal Eagle

Sponsor:  McWane Ductile

Trivia:  Ted began flying a hot air balloon in 1995.  He was trained by the late intrepid Bob ʺ Professor Zʺ Zanella, the founder of the Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Ted has been coming to Coshocton since 1998.  Coshocton is one of his favorite events because of the flying area and the welcoming community.  He practices law and that is the reason for the name of the balloon, Legal Eagle.


Thursday – Saturday, June  – 9, 2018

Thursday June 7, 2018

4:00 pm            Midway Opens
6:30-8:30 pm   Tethered Balloon Rides- Fee Applies (Weather permitting)
7:00 pm            3 Balloon Launch (Weather permitting)

Friday June 8, 2018

11 am             Midway Opens
6 pm               Opening Ceremony
6:45 pm          Balloon Launch  (Time is approximate. Weather permitting)
8 pm               Musical Entertainment
9:15 pm          Balloon Night Glow (Weather permitting) 

Saturday June 9, 2018

6:30 am                Balloon Launch
6:30-8:30 am       Tethered Balloon Rides- Fee Applies (Weather permitting)
11 am                  Midway/Vendors Open
11 am-4 pm          Carnival Ride Wristband Special - $12
2-5 pm                 Children's Activities
6 pm                   National Anthem
6:45 pm               Balloon Launch  (Time is approximate. Weather permitting)
7:30-9:30 pm       Musical Entertainment
10:00 pm               Fireworks Set to Music 



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