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Tourism Industry Partner & Event Planner Information

Tourism Industry Partners

Coshocton Visitors Bureau Mission Statement — The mission of the Coshocton Visitors Bureau is to increase overnight stays in one of our lodging facilities through the promotion of tourism experiences, overnight packages, and attractions to encourage tourists to visit, explore, and plan return visits to Coshocton County.

The Coshocton CVB Goals include increasing local, regional and state-wide awareness of travel and tourism opportunities in Coshocton County by stimulating interest in tourism-related events, attractions, parks, natural resources, history and overnight lodging with the result being economic growth to the community.

The Coshocton CVB's marketing initiatives typically are achieved through some or all of the following: distribution of promotional material such as a visitor guide or brochure; interaction with the guest at our bureau in person, on the phone, and via email; online marketing such as a website and social media; trade shows; event postings, articles and press releases; speaking engagements; and paid advertising.

The Coshocton CVB reserves the right to be selective of and to edit content submitted to us promotion.

Tourism Statistics for Coshocton County

Ohio Tourism statistics for Coshocton County

In 2013 – Tourism visitors generated $50 million in business sales both directly and indirectly in Coshocton County.  Tourism supports 4.8% of salaried jobs in Coshocton County.  Tourism generated $1.5 million in local taxes in 2013 — $2 million in state taxes, and $3 million in federal taxes.

The Coshocton Visitors Bureau is a 'Destination Marketing Organization' (DMO). Since the Coshocton Visitors Bureau is not a member organization, its funding comes primarily from the lodging tax paid by the guest and collected by the auditors' offices. Like most visitors bureaus, the Coshocton CVB is a not-for-profit 501c6 organization that works independently under the direction of a board of trustees. General information about CVBs:

Both in Ohio and nationally, the fundamental mission of a CVB is the promotion of visitor and business travel, which generates overnight lodging for a destination. Like Coshocton CVB, most CVBs are funded by the lodging tax that is collected from the overnight visitor. Billions of direct and indirect revenue and taxes are generated into the state and local economy due to the marketing efforts of Ohio's CVBs.

Coshocton CVB Funding Source:
The primary funding source of the CVB is derived from a lodging excise tax or 'bed tax' that a hotel guest pays on lodging in the community. In Coshocton County, the lodging tax paid by the guest is 3%. If the lodging facility is located in the City of Coshocton, the guest also pays a 3% tax to the city. So those facilities in the City Limits collect 6% lodging tax from the guest. This lodging tax is used to promote tourism.

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TourismOhio Industry Resources:  http://industry.discoverohio.com

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Event Planners

Free online calendars
& event websites for event posting:

Coshocton Tribune
(submit under the northeast region)
Zanesville Times Recorder

Here's a few ways the CVB can help you:

1.  We need your event information ASAP – 6 months to 1 year ahead is best.

    Here's Why:

• There are publications we can possibly get your event listed in (for FREE) that have deadlines up to a year in advance.

• We submit events to numerous newspapers, magazines and online sources in December for the upcoming year. If we don't know about it – it isn't included. We can sometimes go back and add things, but it takes a lot of extra time and it may not be possible.

• If we know about your event in a timely manner, we may be able to combine your event with another event going on in the community to 'package' for the potential tourist. This will (hopefully) encourage them to spend the night in Coshocton.

2. We can help you get your information out. Here's what we need from you:

• Press release at least 4 weeks out from the event (with a digital photo)

• You can send this to your media contacts

• Send it to the Coshocton CVB as well (Jan Myers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) along with a list of where all you have already sent it, and we may also be able to forward the release to additional contacts we feel might be willing to use the material.

• We may also post your information on our VisitCoshocton.com website and on our social media outlets.

Use this Press Release Template

Contact: Name, Title
Phone and Email

For Immediate Release

COSHOCTON, OH— Include all the details about your event or attraction in the first paragraph. Many times the media may only use the first paragraph of your release if they are short on time/space, so you want all the important information included there.

1. Who (name of event or attraction)
2. What (details)
3. Where (include address)
4. When ( days and times)
5. Why (is this a fundraiser? Or why are you having this event?)

In the final paragraph:
6. How can people find out more information

The rest of the release can include more details and possibly quotes from the organizers. End the release with a line or two summarizing the name of the event and the dates again, along with the phone number, website, email, etc.

Additional Press Release Pointers:

• Unless you are using a quote, do not use the words "I", "we" or forms of "you", and no flowery language such as lots of adjectives (Example – Do not do this: – The ABC company is having a 'fantastic' dinner cruise complete with 'all your favorite, delicious' appetizers to raise money for the 'much-needed' local food bank. We hope you can attend this 'exciting' event which begins at 7:00 p.m. Better – The ABC Company is hosting a dinner cruise to raise money for the local food bank. Appetizers will be served beginning at 7:00 p.m.

• You can use quotes in your release to add additional information.

• If you are emailing your release to the media – do not send it as an attachment. (This also means photos). If they don't know you or your email address, they very likely will not open your attachment. Instead – paste the release (including the photo) in the body of the email. You can let them know you have photos available if they need them.


Sample Press Release: (this one includes quotes from the event organizer)

Coshocton 2nd Annual Crow Homecoming ~ November 9

Contact: Jan Myers, Director
Coshocton County Visitors Bureau
(740) 622-4877 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October 28, 2013
For Immediate Release

COSHOCTON, OH—On Saturday, November 9, there will be a Crow Homecoming in Coshocton to officially 'welcome back' the mass numbers of black crows that spend the winter months in Coshocton. The Pomerene Center for the Arts is hosting this free event which will take place from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the PARK Space in the 300 Block of Main Street in downtown Coshocton.

The festivities include free food and fun for all with live music from the band Blackbird Project ~ featuring lead guitar and vocals from Coshocton native, Evan Abood; a brief preview by the dance company, Dancing Wheels; hands-on demonstrations of origami crow making with Michael Roy Baldridge; yoga demonstrations; art and tree displays; vintage clothing and jewelry booths; Crowtown Pizza; crow appetizers from Oscar Rose Steak & Seafood House; Hot 'Crow-Co' from Medbery Marketplace; and more.

"One of the great animal phenomena of the world is the congregation of large numbers of birds into a single communal sleeping group known as a 'roost'," said Anne Cornell, director of the Pomerene Center for the Arts. "Annually, late October/early November, upwards to 10,000 crows come from as far away as Canada to roost in Coshocton, crow resort town, Crowtown."

Coshocton has carried the nickname Crowtown for some time. "No one seems to know exactly where the nickname came from but it is somehow linked to motorcycles," added Cornell. "In 2008, when crows began to congregate in town in significant enough numbers to warrant propane cannons and pyrotechnics, the name began to fit like a glove. Science says they’re here to stay."

Jan Myers, director at the Coshocton Visitors Bureau, says this event is a fun way to turn something that could be viewed as a negative into something positive. "The crows are coming here anyway, so why not take advantage of the situation and use it to promote Coshocton," she said. "We have already had numerous visitors come to the area in the past few years to witness the masses of crows flying throughout the county and to study the crows' behavior."

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the Crow Homecoming at the Park Hotel Lot in the 300-block of Main Street on Saturday, November 9 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. For more information about Coshocton's Crow Homecoming, contact the Pomerene Center for the Arts at (740) 622-0326, or the Coshocton Visitors Bureau at (740) 622-4877 or www.visitcoshocton.com.

Another Sample Press Release (Includes a Photo in the body of the email)

World-Class Organist to Perform at Coshocton Presbyterian Church

April 24, 2013

Contact: Chuck Snyder, Presbyterian Church, (740) 623-0554
Or Pastor Jon Carlisle, Presbyterian Church, (740) 622-0486

COSHOCTON, OH — On Sunday, May 5, organist Bradley Hunter Welch will perform at the Coshocton Presbyterian Church on their Taylor and Boody Tracker organ. The organ recital begins at 3:00 p.m. and is free to attend. The concert is part of the Coshocton Dogwood Festival ~ A weeklong community celebration of visual and performing arts.

Bradley Hunter Welch has been hailed as a 'World-class virtuoso,' and as 'an expert at defining darks, lights, shadows and colors.' Welch is increasingly in demand as a recitalist, concerto soloist, and collaborative artist. He is a native of Knoxville, TN and holds a Bachelor of Music degree magna cum laude from Baylor University and the Master of Music Artist Diploma, Master of Musical Arts, and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in Organ Performance from Yale. He is also a recording artist.

Welch has won numerous awards for his performances including first place in the 2003 Dallas International Organ Competition and the audience prize in that competition in 2000 and 2003. Dr. Welch serves as Director of Music & Arts/Organist at Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX and performs approximately 20 concerts annually across the United States and Europe. His wife, Kara Kirkendoll Welch, is a flutist in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. They have one son, Ethan Hunter Welch.

For more information about the Bradley Hunter Welch organ concert on Sunday, May 5, at 3:00 p.m., contact the church office at (740) 622-0486. The concert is free and open to the public. Everyone is encouraged to attend. The Coshocton Presbyterian Church is located at 142 N. Fourth Street, the corner of Fourth and Chestnut Streets in Coshocton and free parking is available. For more information about the Coshocton Dogwood Festival, go to www.visitcoshocton.com.


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Coshocton Visitors Bureau Mission Statement
The mission of the Coshocton Visitors Bureau is to increase overnight stays in one of our lodging facilities through the promotion of tourism experiences, overnight packages, and attractions to encourage tourists to visit, explore, and plan return visits to Coshocton County.

The Coshocton County Visitor Bureau is a proud supporter of the following organizations:

 Ohio Heartland Wine and Cheese Trail Ohio Travel Association Coshocton Chamber of Commerce Coshocton is Blooming Coshocton Port Authority Johnson Humrickhouse MuseumCoshocton Airport Amphiteater Ohio Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus Coshocton Friends of the Park Clary Gardens Adventures in Northeast Ohio Ohio Has It Pomerene Center of the Arts Ohio Appalachian Country Coshocton Footlight Players Roscoe Village Association   

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